Easy Install

Easy to install application contains no rigorous technical process. Makes simple to use for senior citizens and illiterate persons. Just click and install.

Single Solution

No need to install multiple solutions for your security and daily needs. Get everything combined into the power of one. Manage everything with one application.

Cost Effective

Why pay high cost for multiple solutions. Get everything packed into one. Pay less for products and maintenance. Get easy support on the go.


SafeComm is a complete security solution made to keep your home secure from every possible threat. SafeComm is an advance security solution designed & developed in India. Alongside security we provide best in class customer service which never let our customers down when they need us most. Fusmin SafeComm includes multiple security solution combined into one to protect you from dangerous threats. By using SafeComm you can manage your home security from anywhere, anytime.

Identify visitors with video door bell before their entry into premises. Never worry about unidentified personals entering your premises. Only let trusted ones enter.
Get Access Control and grant access to visitors or employs as per profile. Never let any unauthorized person access your resources without permission.  
Never let thieves intrude your premises. Keep your loved ones and valuables safe from theft and unidentified hazard. Let your family live in safe and sound environment.
Keep monitoring your premises and nearby area with CCTV cameras 24×7.   Never let a single thing pass without get noticed. Let the third eye work for you.




Real Time






Home Automation

Control your home like a professional with ease of click from anywhere around the world. Never let anything missed just because no one is there. Now, take control in your hands and monitor your home in real time. Manage lightning, surveillance, sensors, temperature on the go with less effort.

Single Application

Now control everything at one click. No need to install multiple applications for different purpose. Just install one application and call your desired service on the go. Our single application interface lets you deal with all your emergencies, security and communication needs. Whether its summoning the guard, monitoring cameras or to communicate with your favorite people nearby. Just do everything at one click and forget to buy different solution for each of your different need.


I am extremely pleased with the work done by FUSMIN. From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting them to secure my community.

Harbinger Group

Sanjay Yadav - Director

Thanks Team FuSmIn, for your expert assistance and prompt ground support.

DND Buildhome Ltd.

Devanshu Saini - Director

It was such a pleasure giving order to FUSMIN who seemed to have all the answers to our security based questions. I would highly recommend their team who made community life safe & secure . Thank You FUSMIN.

Apkesha Group

Rajendra Paharia - Director

Many thanks for the survey reports and local assistance. As you can see, your support and intelligent provisions has enabled us to make proactive decisions already.

GHP Group

Yugank Sharma - Director



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